Cusco: City Tour

Today Patty, our host, arranged for us to go on a city tour. We met our guide just off of the main square and took a bus around to several different spots. Each spot was a different Incan structure, so we saw an ancient place of worship, a fortress, a place where animals (and possibly humans) were sacrificed, and our favorite, naturally formed slides that only the locals know about.

Our friend Amy told us that when we get to Saqsaywaman to have the Jesus sculpture at our back, the town of Cusco down at our left, and we will find a set of stairs leading to these slides. During our ten minutes of free time in these ruins we rushed to find the stairs, which were actually super easy to find from Amy’s instructions, and followed them up to a large array of different sized slides, filled with small children riding them over and over again. We practiced on a small slide, then I rode the biggest one, and we both rode a medium sized ones before leaving. It was so much fun, and we are so grateful Amy shared this information with us, as it seems no one but locals know about this spot.

We also met a wild dog that could have passed as a baby llama, and learned the difference between real Alpaca and fake. Essentially, real Alpaca costs hundreds of dollars, but is softer. Overall, the tour was fun, and we are looking forward to our next tour today.


















4 thoughts on “Cusco: City Tour

  1. Loved the pictures. Was the slide rough? It is amazing that the stones look like they are just sitting tightly by themselves–like you had said. I know you are having a wonderful time.

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