Hello: Reason for Hiatus


To anyone that may have followed this blog over the years, you will have noticed nothing has been posted in quite some time, but I can finally tell you why… I have begun to create a guide for the city of Krakow in the form of a blog.  You can visit it here or by searching for Emily’s Guide to Krakow.


It’s only about 15% done, but it has some awesome stuff about Krakow, what there is to do there, and some really great unique experiences it has to offer.  Just this week I visited two lakes many don’t even know are here.  Anyway!  Enjoy if you want, and hopefully when that’s all finished I will be back to blogging here!

And as always feel free to email me at risingsun21811@yahoo.com if you have any questions about Wwoofing, Airbnb, or now Krakow!

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