We have been in Savannah for several days now, and it has proved to not be that great of weather, but it is starting to be more sunny as we speak. Today is our last day and we are heading down to Braughten Street and the River Front. But so far we have had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving, playing board games and bingo, and enjoying the wonderful views of Marsh Harbor Cove with the pups. Our culinary adventures have included making creme brulee from scratch, and thus bruleeing every dessesrt we could get our hands on; as well as making an impressive cheeeseboar.






It’s Hard Work Being in College Again

I spent a few days at my cousins house in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia. Her house was gorgeous, her roommates we welcoming and hilarious, and we all had so much fun. Sleeping all day and drinking all night is not something I really do anymore, but it was nice to pretend I was in college again. And we even got to go to a football game! Photo Nov 22, 12 19 36 AM

Photo Nov 22, 12 53 03 AM

Photo Nov 23, 1 51 19 AM

Photo Nov 23, 8 37 17 PM

Photo Nov 23, 9 02 49 PM

And the timing worked out perfect

Taylor and I were able to go to the Thorton Park Wine Walk again with her boyfriend and roommate, as well as some others. A few days later there were several friends in town that we worked with over the summers. It could not have worked out any better, and it was so great to see old friends!Photo Nov 14, 8 05 25 PM

Photo Nov 19, 8 29 28 PM

Photo Nov 19, 8 29 37 PM

Photo Nov 19, 8 29 45 PM

Soul Searching with Drums, Pho, and Buddhism

Unfortunately Taylor had to go home for a few days while I was in town, so I was left alone to wander around downtown. With a little help from Google Maps I was able to discover some awesome things Orlando had to offer. I went to see Gravity and Last Vegas, which were both great, but what was even better was the theater. It was like lounging in your favorite Lazyboy reclining chair with a bottle of beer. The armrests were so big they were like tables. Then I attended a book talk at a local bookstore about the text “Modern Buddhism” (which can be downloaded for free online). Finally I found myself at a Full Moon Drum Circle where I meditated for a long time with a beer in a mason jar, and listened to over fifty people play different percussive instruments, while dancing around a fire. It was magical. To top it all off I went to get some Vietnamese food, having Pho for the first time, which I can now highly recommend. Oh and I can’t forget the farmer’s market and Lake Eola, which were also on my to do list. Photo Nov 17, 1 47 43 PM

Photo Nov 17, 2 06 27 PM

Photo Nov 17, 2 22 40 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 07 51 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 19 30 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 24 06 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 58 28 PM

Photo Nov 17, 9 03 54 PM

Photo Nov 17, 9 04 34 PM

Photo Nov 17, 10 04 38 PM

Downtown Orlando Food Truck Gathering

My family dropped me off at my friend Taylor’s house in Downtown Orlando (Thorton Park).  I had an amazing week, went to my first food truck gathering on my first night there.  I indulged in my favorite, ribs, and then was introduced to liquid nitrogen ice cream.  Tubby’s first takes liquid ice cream mix and pours it into a metal bowl, adds your mix-ins, and then pours in some liquid nitrogen, bringing the creation to the perfect consistency as they combine it all together.

Photo Nov 12, 9 11 33 PM

Photo Nov 12, 9 16 09 PM

Photo Nov 12, 9 42 29 PM

I’m On A Boat

My dad and I had an amazing opportunity when we were at Universal when his friend called and invited us to ditch the theme parks for a day and go out on his boat.  We had an amazing lunch, saw so many dolphins, a manatee or two, oh and I got to jump off the top of the boat.  It was great! And such a nice time with my dad.  The boat left out of the Yacht Club at Cape Canaveral.

Photo Nov 10, 4 10 44 PM

Photo Nov 10, 4 48 09 PM

Photo Nov 10, 4 48 44 PM

Photo Nov 10, 4 52 57 PM

Photo Nov 10, 4 55 53 PM

Photo Nov 10, 6 21 11 PM

Photo Nov 10, 6 21 45 PM

Photo Nov 10, 6 23 21 PM

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Since we were already in Orlando my mom added on passes to Universal, and we were able to spend some time at Hogwarts with Harry and the whole gang.  Plus we got to ride the new Minion 3D ri

de with Gru and the girls.

Photo Nov 11, 5 07 48 AM

Photo Nov 11, 5 25 19 AM

Photo Nov 12, 1 30 03 PM

Photo Nov 12, 3 34 28 PM

Photo Nov 12, 3 38 02 PM

Photo Nov 12, 3 38 34 PM

Walt Disney World

Photo Nov 02, 1 45 56 AMWe spent over a week in Disney, so I am not going to go into a lot of detail because that could be boring…. but I will highlight my favorite things:

1. We stayed in the Caribbean Beach Resort, and it was beautiful.  They roasted marshmallows in a fire pit by the beach every night and played movies by the pool.  There was a lake at the center of the resort and it was gorgeous, Laura and I even got to ride a trolley bike around it.

2. We ate almost every night in Epcot, where the Food and Wine Festival was also taking place.  Best meals ever at Disney at both Canada and Italy; as well as all the stands at the festival.

3. The Food and Wine Festival was so fantastic it deserves its own number.  Not only was the food, beer, and wine incredible and diverse, but my dad and I also got to see Hanson and STYX in concert! We had an amazing time!

4. Laura and I got to do something we have never done before, and went to all four parks in one day, riding all of our favorite rides, along with some other feats.

5. Oh and how could I forget the luau we got to go to at the Polynesian Resort.  Awesome food, service, show, and fun!

Photo Nov 02, 6 00 48 AM

Photo Nov 06, 12 37 28 AM

Photo Nov 03, 10 18 48 PM

Photo Nov 07, 8 57 30 PM

Photo Nov 06, 10 25 38 AM

Photo Nov 08, 11 39 14 PM

Photo Nov 04, 9 02 42 PM

EDM and University of Maryland Homecoming

Photo Oct 25, 1 29 12 AM

Photo Oct 25, 12 02 37 AM

Photo Oct 26, 1 22 17 PM

Photo Oct 26, 1 23 24 PM

Photo Oct 26, 1 31 57 AM

Photo Oct 26, 1 54 08 PM

Photo Oct 26, 3 19 05 PM

Photo Oct 26, 3 28 32 PM

Photo Oct 26, 12 14 22 PM

In an effort to say goodbye to as many friends as possible before leaving for Europe in December, and South America in January, I made the drive up to Silver Springs, MD to go to my first ever EDM concert.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s Electronic Dance Music, and although I am still a little confused by it, it was in 3D and I was with my best friend Ashley, so I had an amazing time!

After the concert I headed over to Justin’s in Silver Spring, and had a wonderful homecoming weekend at the University of Maryland, tailgating all day, and going to our old hangouts.


Photo Oct 07, 3 36 39 PM

Photo Oct 07, 3 23 10 PM

Photo Oct 07, 2 31 31 PM

Photo Oct 07, 1 28 16 PM

Photo Oct 07, 1 26 22 PM

Photo Oct 06, 5 38 07 PM

Photo Oct 06, 5 37 56 PM

Photo Oct 06, 5 37 21 PM

Before Jacek headed back to Poland (where I will be in a week Eeeeee!!!!!!) we met up in New York City.  I have been to New York countless times, and I was so sick of doing all the touristy things there.  So I did a little research during my bus ride up (Side note: I always like to take the Bolt Bus from Baltimore to NYC, even though it is out of the way, it saves me so much money and I get to relax on the way up) and I found a wonderful program at some of the piers in the city where you can kayak for free.  We went to Pier 40 and spent about an hour out on the water.  The rest of the time we spent walking through all of Central Park, mostly in the rain, but it was beautiful.

For more information on the kayaking program click here


Photo Jan 01, 12 00 10 AM

Photo Jan 01, 12 00 36 AM

Photo Jan 01, 12 00 45 AM

I have done a lot of paddleboarding this summer with friends and family.  I own 3 paddleboards, and usually take them out on the canals in Ocean Pines, MD, which is absolutely beautiful.  My last time out I went with friends and went all the way out to the bay, crossing under the Route 90 before returning back home.  Annndddd while we are talking about water sports, here is a shoutout to my friend Dan Bumgardener, who recently started his own company, Dr. Shred.  Laura got lessons from him this summer and it was awesome! Also, I purchased my paddleboards used from Walk On Water in West Ocean City, MD.  They were very helpful and gave me a great deal.

Farming Update and Last Eleven Forks Dinner

Photo Oct 18, 1 33 34 PM

Photo Oct 18, 1 38 44 PM

Photo Oct 19, 5 17 21 PM

Photo Oct 19, 5 17 57 PM

Photo Oct 19, 5 59 44 PM

Photo Oct 19, 6 02 08 PM

I tried to stop by the farm as much as possible before I left, and took my sister to the last Eleven Forks dinner of the season.  We made shortbread cookies with homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam; as well as, radish crostinis.  For the radish crostinis I toasted sliced baguettes with the olive oil I produced in Italy, then spread a soft Swiss cheese over top, and top the bread with very thinly sliced radishes that have been tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic.  And finally, I garnish them with arugula and mizuna (and in the summer, I also add squash blossoms).

Tea Party

Photo Oct 17, 3 18 56 PM

Photo Oct 17, 3 38 59 PM

Photo Oct 17, 4 27 36 PM

Photo Oct 17, 4 27 59 PM

Photo Oct 17, 4 31 23 PM

Photo Oct 17, 4 39 30 PM

When I was in Italy, I found the most adorable sets of tea cups, and realized that the other day I hadn’t used them yet, so Laura (my sister for those of you who don’t know) and I decided to throw a tea party.  Complete with shortbread cookies, apple pies, several types of teas, and homemade jam, the tea party was a success!

Cycling Adventures

Photo Oct 29, 2 52 03 PM

Photo Oct 15, 1 22 25 PM

Photo Oct 15, 12 58 18 PM

I am finally done working for the season and have been up to some really fun stuff around my house, and the East coast.  A few weeks ago I bought a new bicycle from Bethany Bike Shop in Bethany, Delaware.  The store owner hooked me up with new tires and tubes, and even got me some special pedals so that my spin shoes can hook into them.  Only having a couple of weeks to ride I did a few practice routes around town; heading up to the Rehoboth Farmer’s market from Bethany and going to Harris Teeter from Ocean Pines… And then on my final week at home I rode all the way from Ocean Pines to Rehoboth, and back, for a total of 75 miles.