Settled in Krakow, Poland.

So as you all know, I have made the move to Poland, permanently.  I’ve spent the last few months settling in, hosting guests, and traveling a bit.  So as to not bombard Facebook Feeds and Inboxes, I will be slowly posting what happened in the last three months, and hopefully by February or March I will be all caught up and can write in real time.

So just to expand on what is currently going on, our house is full of people all the time, as we have listed our guest bedrooms on the wonderful website AirBnb.  If you know anyone that will be backpacking through Europe or headed our way please share with them our listings, which can be found here and here.  I am about to finish up my last week of Polish Language School, and I have begun working as an English teacher for the York School of English here in Krakow.  Jack is about to finish up his Master’s Degree this summer, and we hope to get to travel around a bit once he is finished.

Krakow has gotten a fresh dusting of snow this morning, with more to come the next few days.  It chilly, but not much colder than at home in the States.  Anyway, more to come soon, from my projects/adventures in November!