Spanish Class at ECELA

While we lived in Cusco we took classes at a small Spanish school called ECELA, from an amazing teacher named Erik. We had so much fun and were always laughing in class. It was just the two of us and since we really have no real use for Spanish, we decided that sometimes we would have class at restaurants where we could just practice instead of studying grammar. We highly recommend this school, which ended up being more professional and organized than the large-scale Maximo school in town.



Hostel Happenings

We are staying at Backpackers Family Hostel, and are having an amazing time with the owner Pedro, and his associates. On Thursday morning Pedro gave us a two-hour interactive Spanish class, complete with stapled packets of information and a white board! We learned a vast amount of topics and some basic grammar, and then were able to practice it all at the end when we were quizzed. Later that night, Pedro made everyone in the hostel Peru’s national drink, a Pisco Sour, which is Pisco (a Peruvian brandy) mixed with fresh lime juice, topped with frothed egg whites, and sprinkled with bitters.