Puerto Maldonado: Kapievi

We took a weekend trip to the jungle, 10 hours from Cusco, where we stayed in a jungle lodge with daily yoga and meditation. They fed us delicious meals, and helped us arrange visits to some of the other areas of interest around us. We were able to use the pool next door to cool off, and slept in a cute little bungalow with mosquito nets around our beds and a roof made out of palm frawns.












Soul Searching with Drums, Pho, and Buddhism

Unfortunately Taylor had to go home for a few days while I was in town, so I was left alone to wander around downtown. With a little help from Google Maps I was able to discover some awesome things Orlando had to offer. I went to see Gravity and Last Vegas, which were both great, but what was even better was the theater. It was like lounging in your favorite Lazyboy reclining chair with a bottle of beer. The armrests were so big they were like tables. Then I attended a book talk at a local bookstore about the text “Modern Buddhism” (which can be downloaded for free online). Finally I found myself at a Full Moon Drum Circle where I meditated for a long time with a beer in a mason jar, and listened to over fifty people play different percussive instruments, while dancing around a fire. It was magical. To top it all off I went to get some Vietnamese food, having Pho for the first time, which I can now highly recommend. Oh and I can’t forget the farmer’s market and Lake Eola, which were also on my to do list. Photo Nov 17, 1 47 43 PM

Photo Nov 17, 2 06 27 PM

Photo Nov 17, 2 22 40 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 07 51 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 19 30 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 24 06 PM

Photo Nov 17, 8 58 28 PM

Photo Nov 17, 9 03 54 PM

Photo Nov 17, 9 04 34 PM

Photo Nov 17, 10 04 38 PM