Kennedy Park

In one of our last of many visits to Kennedy Park, I actually brought chicken with me to feed the cats. They swarmed to us and relaxed while I fed them. I also met a few locals who feed the cats in their spare time, and learned that there must be an entire group of people who make sure the cats are fed everyday; and that the cat population was once at 300, but the government forced it to shrink. So now the cats are not quite a united tribe, and some are much more open to being pet and picked up than others. My favorite kittens were a litter we found living up in a tree. I was able to climb up it and feed them for a while with their mother.





Parque Kennedy

One of my favorite things so far has been Parque Kennedy. Named after the one and only John F. Kennedy, the park has become famous for something truly original, a wild cat population, that acts like a domestic one. We saw at least 20, but there has to be more than fifty, maybe even more than a hundred there. They were in the trees, the bushes, on the benches, in the flower beds, and just wandering around. They even let you pick them up, and they range in all different colors and sizes. There are teeny tiny little kittens, and big fat cats. They just sleep all day while people walk by, and someone, I’m not sure who, feeds them with little tupperware bowls full of cat food, milk, and water. It is an amazing thing to see, and the park itself is very well kept and colorful.