Shout Out to the Team

For our first few weeks of volunteering at The Good Farm we had a core group of volunteers. There are quickly becoming more and more people each week, but I wanted to share this picture with everyone of the wwoofers who were here. Jessica is from Iowa and was here for a few months. She just recently traveled back to Iowa, and we miss her very much. Travis and Lauren were from Reno, Nevada, and were here for a week with their 2 cats. They will most likely be living in the wilderness this summer. Pictured from left to right, back row, Jessica, Christie, Travis, Emily, Isaac, front row, Ric and Lauren. Christie and Ric are in charge of the farm, which is located at Mariner’s Country Downs. Reggie Mariner is also a valuable member of the team, and does all of the construction projects.


Settling In

We have settled into our new home, and plan to stay here for a little over a month with a small break soon. We have our own apartment next to the main house. The cats and dogs are always wandering around. We have decided that Zenzaro (italian for ginger) is our cat. He sleeps in our house every night now and sometimes comes in when it is raining. The other 7 cats are named Lucretzia, Kanella (cinnamon), Meggy (nutmeg), Gilda, Muton, Smokey, and 37 or Trente Sette. The dogs are named Gastone, France, and Bella.